A poster show and fundraiser for hurricane relief in St. John

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Night Botany began in December 2016 as a series of photographs of plants taken at night on the island of St. John. The photos were low resolution and simply shot with an iPhone 6s and small flashlight, but the contrast of bright greens, yellows, pinks, and purples against a precipitously black backdrop gave them an uncanny yet hopeful spirit, as if to say: there is beauty in darkness.

Less than a year later, St. John and many of the other islands in the region were struck by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The storms damaged over 80% of the structures on St. John, and a majority of the vegetation was severely battered or destroyed. “When it was safe to go outside, I saw a transformed landscape,” writes Caroline Rogers of the US Geological Survey. “Everything had turned from lush green to brown and gray. No leaves were visible. The island looked scorched.”
As a small gesture of support, Lana Z Porter, the artist who took the photographs, and art director Kitron Z Neuschatz have teamed up to transform Night Botany into a series of graphic posters that celebrate the hope of regeneration in St. John and the beauty that can arise from darkness.

100% of the proceeds go to the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) to support St. John’s efforts to rebuild.

To donate directly to the CFVI, click HERE.

Special thanks to: Oriel Smith, Patrick Kidd, Kelly Otto, Katrin Braddel, Eleanor Gibney, Pedro Acevedo, Robert Wiesenberger, David Brigh, Maximilian Kurzweil, Michael Russ, Will Abrams, Alex Pellot

standard poster frame size
inkjet prints on heavyweight super matte stock

standard poster frame size
offset print on 80lb stock, matte AQ coating

Special thanks to our venue sponsors, Fatima Fazal and Mia Morikawa of SOMMWHERE and The Carbon Collection, whose design objects and organic denim are made to offset your carbon footprint.